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AQIX® RS-I 'Ready to Use' Kit

An immediately 'ready-to-use' transport and storage solution.

The AQIX® RSI kit is an immediately, 'ready-to-use' transport and storage solution for the collection of a wide range of cell and biopsied tissue samples. Samples can be placed directly into the solution without any further manipulation to either the sample or RSI kit solution.

For more details on reconstitution see our Standard Operating Procedures on Collection and Transportation.


AQIX® RSI kits are supplied as a sterile solution in 4 - 8 rigid, sealed, leak-proof transparent Nalgene® containers each holding 125 mL of carbogenated AQIX® RS-I (1X) 'ready-to-use' solution.

Each AQIX® RSI kit is prepared to order by Aqix Limited.


No further manipulation of the sterile RSI kit solution is required prior to use. Additional antibiotic preparations may be required depending on procurement conditions.

Shelf life

AQIX® RS-I 1x 'ready-to-use' solution has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of preparation when stored at 2-8°C under dark conditions.

AQIX® RS-I Ready to Use Kit
Product Name AQIX® RS-I 'Ready to Use' Kit
Shelf Life 6 months
Product Size 4 or 8 x 125 ml